Our Team


Chris Green

Chris Green grew up in the Silicon Valley. He was an accomplished national level wrestler and an emphatic follower of all sports. He wrestled at San Francisco State University and he earned his Masters at John F Kennedy in Sports Psychology.

  • Head Instructor of Ironwill program
  • Level 1 – CrossFit™ Certified
  • Two sport college athlete (Wrestling & Soccer)
  • Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology
  • He is certified as a personal trainer by the ACSM & NCEP
  • Purplebelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • He is a lifelong advocate of fitness and health — a committed and passionate instructor!

Daniel “Juggernaut” Sabagan

Daniel is our power and strength coach. He specializes in adding muscle and training intensity to our clients workout. He’s called “Juggernaut” because of his unrelenting, indomitable will and he brings that will to his training and coaching. (he’s also a cowboys fan but we love him anyway).



Kenny Han

Crossfit level 1 certified, Kenny is our morning coach. Need a great workout to start your day? Join the “breakfast club” and get after it. Kenny is known for his supportive but demanding style and technical knowledge. Need help with your form? Kenny will break down the movement and have your technique crisp before you can say “Ironwill Fitness”!


Fabian “Beastmode” Diaz

Crossfit games competitor and coach. Fabian brings a great balance of technical acumen and intensity. He demands the best from his clients and won’t let you settle for anything less. Fabian is also a mixed martial artist and teaches our mma classes. Come in and workout with Beastmode!

  • NASM personal training certification
  • NASM MMA conditioning specialist
  • CPR/AED and first aid certified
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt





Dwayne handles our beginner classes, he’s not too consistent but when he does make it he’s a manimal!