Our Bootcamp Approach

Why Ironwill Fitness Bootcamp?

In the early 2000’s Chris Green saw an opportunity to disrupt. The gyms of the time were not addressing the problems of their communities. Local corporate gyms had three weak points: Burnout, Direction, and Community. The alternative that Chris came up with was Ironwill Fitness Bootcamps. He created a workout at a friendly place where people can get a top-level, interactive workouts at a reasonable price. In 2009 Chris started Ironwill Fitness to fill these needs.

Come in and try a free workout. See if Ironwill is a good match for you!

How does the Bootcamp work?

Our bodies are meant to move, jump lift, throw and climb. Tragically, many of us have adopted a lifestyle that does not require much movement. As a result, our bodies gain weight and our mental state starts to operate at a decreased level. 


Ironwill Fitness is a health solution for Silicon Valley professional. It is a motivating, dynamic and socially interactive bootcamp style workout.

Ironwill Fitness is:

  • A constantly changing daily Bootcamp
  • A positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere
  • A weight loss program
  • A muscle building program
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • High-intensity interval training
  • No gimmicks

The Ironwill program employs muscle confusion.  The body isn’t allowed to adjust and it has to recover at a much higher rate. This recovery is when muscles grow. Furthermore, it’s more interesting to change up the routine. Ironwill keeps people stimulated mentally.

If you want to become the best athlete, you can or get fit and lose weight in a friendly, fun environment then this is the match for you.